Uganda is 7 times the size of the Netherlands and has a population of around 40 million. The average age is 16 years. The majority of the population is employed in agriculture and fisheries.

Dutch growers grow vegetables and flowers in Uganda. The Ugandans are very friendly and often very modest. The women are a stable factor; not only for the education of children but also for the economic development of the country.
Although it is still a poor country, things are gradually improving in Uganda. The economy is now growing steadily with an average of 5% per year. Unfortunately, too few people still benefit from this growth. Uganda is increasingly attractive to tourists. It has a lot of natural beauty with a number of beautiful game parks where, among other things, gorillas live. Villa Maria is a village, close to the town of Masaka and close to the banks of Lake Victoria. It is a two to three hour drive from the capital Kampala and the international airport Entebbe.
A visit to Uganda is very worthwhile
Every year members of the board of the Kiwanuka Foundation visit the Saint Cecilia School in Villa Maria, at their own expenses. It is always a special journey with visits to the families of the pupils, and to nice spots in Uganda. If you are interested in getting to know Uganda better and seeing with your own eyes how useful the work of the Kiwanuka Foundation is, please join us at some occasion!

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