Sint Cecilia School

For the maintenance of the buildings, for some additional teaching materials, for the bringing of some joy into de lives of the children with otherwise little hope for a good future, the school has to turn to… Yes, to whom? The Kiwanuka Foundation wants to contribute to a better future for them. Although Villa Maria is a village, it has a regional function due to the presence of some schools and a small hospital. Some of the children have to walk for hours to come to school. 

Sister Agnes is the head of the school. She belongs to the order of Banabikira, also called the order of the daughters of the Virgin Mary. Their blue clothing is striking. This Ugandan order is active in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, and mainly operates schools and hospitals. The mother house is situated at 5 kilometres distance from the Saint Cecilia School. In the mother house the novices receive their religious training and retired nuns are taken care of. There are two schools in Villa Maria and there is a centre for hearing impaired and seeing impaired children.


Today the school has nine teachers. Most of the teachers live in poor houses near the school. These young people work with lots of energy and creativity in order to provide a better future for the girls of the school.

Therefore these teachers deserve the support of the Kiwanuka Foundation. One of the teachers thanked the Foundation with the beautiful words: ‘thanks to you we are proud of our school and we love working here’.

Results of the Kiwanuka Foundation

Kiwanuka Foundation has been able to realize the following in recent years:
• Buildings have been restored to a good condition
• Water tanks have been built on the grounds of the school
• The school has solar cells on the roof and therefore electricity is available
• Thanks to the Kiwanuka-porridge project, the children get a plate or cup of porridge at noon.
• More lesson material is available and the school has now a small library
• Every year a number of children can go to a secondary school
• All classrooms are now equipped with the necessary furniture

Sint Cecilia School

Proudly, the children present their school by acting as a dance or music group. Thanks to Kiwanuka scholarships as of February 2022 34 talented girls have enrolled in secondary school. Fifteen girls have already finished secondary school and have now embarked on superior vocational training, for instance to become a nurse, a teacher or a midwife. Forty-two girls have already completed their education. These 42 girls have all found a job and are now able to take care of themselves and to contribute financially to the welfare of their family.

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