Welcome to Kiwanuka

The Kiwanuka Foundation is a small foundation which aims to support the St. Cecilia elementary school in Villa Maria (Uganda). It provides scholarships to gifted girls to continue their education to achieve a better future. St. Cecilia was originally a primary school for girls.

Sint Cecilia School

The Saint Cecilia school in Villa Maria is a primary school with seven classes with 700 children of which in 2022 426 are girls. The government of Uganda pays the (poor) salaries of the teachers and provides a very small budget for teaching materials.

Foundation Kiwanuka

The Foundation, created in 2005, is an initiative of Pauline Vluggen from Maastricht. Pauline was touched by the needs of children in Uganda

Uganda, Pearl of Africa

Very green, situated on the equator, but with a mild climate due to its altitude. Uganda, a former English colony that is independent since 1962

Projects Sint Cecilia School

Thanks to the support of our foundation, on 1 February 2022, 49 girls were able to start in secondary school and 42 girls have completed their education as a nurse, teacher, hotel management/catering.

The foundation is named after the first African catholic bishop, Joseph Kiwanuka (1899 -1966). He was ordained as a priest in 1929 in Villa Maria and he became bishop in the city of Masaka in 1939. Masaka is a twenty-minute drive from the village Villa Maria.

Watch some videos of the St. Cecilia School at Villa Maria in Uganda

Good to know

Kiwanuka is ANBI approved

The Kiwanuka Foundation has been recognised as a so-called ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)’. This means that your donation is entirely tax deductible, under the condition that you commit yourself through a written multi-year commitment of at least 5 years. The foundation sends all generous donors a financial statement of the use of the funds through the annual Newsletter. The costs of the foundation are kept to a minimum (normally 1% at most of the annual income). The RSIN-number of Kiwanuka is 8150.94.267

Your help is needed…

Every donation is welcome. Large or small, a single donation or periodic deposits all will be used for the goals the foundation has set.

The main objective of the Kiwanuka Foundation is to establish a scholarship programme which allows each year’s best pupils of the primary school to enter a secondary school. In Uganda these are mostly boarding schools with tuition fees of about € 600 to € 700 per pupil. The costs for a university education can reach up to € 1000 per pupil. 

Each school day a plate of porridge

Most children have to cover a big distance on foot from home to school and back. Many of them leave home without breakfast. Enough food and a filled stomach are important to pay attention during class, that is why the children get a plate of porridge at lunchtime, thanks to Kiwanuka. With the support of our foundation stoves have been built allowing to prepare big volumes of porridge in an environment-friendly way (with less wood). 

Support our work and donate

Support our foundation with a structural or one-time donation. Every gift is welcome. Large and small, a one-time contribution or a periodic payment will be used for the goals which are set by the foundation itself.

Foundation Kiwanuka
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